David Barker is a Graphic Designer specializing in museum graphic and exhibition design, as well as production of posters, teaching materials, marketing/special event materials, and publications. Having worked as a Senior Designer and Art Director at the Exploratorium for over 30 years, David is forming his own company, David Barker Design.

Having studied physics at the University of California at San Diego, David turned an interest in science and perception into a studio art degree from UC Santa Barbara. At the Exploratorium, he created exhibits on visual perception and illusions, including Angel Columns, Talking Face-to-Vase, and other “figure-ground” investigations. David’s work is currently exhibited in many museums around the world. He has created marketing materials for the Exploratorium, including street banners, bus advertising, membership newsletters, and brochures. David also designed and illustrated numerous issues of Exploring Magazine, the Exploratorium’s quarterly magazine published for almost three decades. 

David also helped conceive and develop a partnership with the San Francisco Giants baseball team, including in-stadium demonstrations, give-away materials, videos, and exhibits. His work developing the Exploratorium Science of Baseball website won awards for content and design. David has also been a free lance designer and illustrator for Klutz Press and has created concert posters for Bill Graham Presents.  

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email: davidbarkerdesign@gmail.com    

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