Logo suggestions for the Exploratorium's adult's only After Dark series.
Logo for the Exploratorium's live webcasts.
Logo for the Science for Monks project, a collaboration with the Dalai Lama to teach Tibetan monks western science utilizing hands-on teaching philosophy.
A collaboration between the San Francisco Giants and the Exploratorium to present Science of Baseball.
Logo for Science of Baseball at the Exploratorium
Science of Baseball at the Exploratorium.
Proposed logo for Exploratorium Tinkering.
Logo for the Exploratorium'sExploratorium Tinkerers Ball.

Exhibit Services logo for web use.
Exploratorium's TexNet program.

Logo uses for the exploraZone, part of the TexNet exhibitions.

Faultline, a an Exploratorium web site investigating earthquakes.
The first logo I produced after arriving in San Francisco, for the Green Apple bookstore. Still in use.
Talisman, a men's accessories company.
Logo for the Hepatitis C Support Project.
Album logo for the Cyrus Clarke Band, a contemporary "Newgrass" band.
Logo for Ranch Recording, a label promoting acoustic music.
Logo for the Quaadudes, a nouveau retro band.
X-Lab was an Exploratorium proposal for an online children's explorations series.

X-Lab logo treatment.

X-Lab dvd case.
Exploratorium illusion card.
Exploratorium illusion card.
Pi Day logo.
Logo for Gizmo Industries.
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